Monthly Archives: September 2008

What my thesis is not.

My thesis will not focus on one individual human sense, but will rather engage all the senses at once (5d design). My thesis will not be a two-dimensional piece, but instead a multi-sensory space for children within the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. My thesis will not only engage blind to low-sighted persons, but also will also strive to include sighted people.

Children’s areas in libraries tend to have the bare-bone necessities: children’s books, a few stuffed animals, and perhaps a soft surface where the children can lie down and read. My space will instead be an area where children can touch surfaces while learning to read braille through tactile design. I am interested in using the space as an educational tool to engage not only children, but adults as well. I intend for library patrons to see, hear, and touch as they move through the space. Through furniture and tactile surfaces, the space with tell stories through braille.

My thesis will not focus on traditional typography, but instead address the connection between braille and standard letterforms. I am interested in using touch as a communication tool and give low-sighted people more access to the written word.