Physical Delivery for my Thesis

My thesis presentation will replicate the room that I create in the children’s area of Baltimore’s Braille library. Two walls will support my tactile braille and typography. The main wall will display 6-8 boxes to act as braille dioramas. Each box will contain one object, made by the 3D printer, with a description of the object in braille inside of the box. Each diorama will contain one small “sniffing” box that will release an odor of the object, furthering to activate the sense of smell. A chart containing the braille alphabet in addition to the 189 contraction characters will sit above the diorama boxes. Above all, my thesis presentation and library space will create an environment to engage the viewer’s senses.

Only 10% of blind people are able to read braille and my thesis presentation will teach children the importance of this language. In addition to braille, large vinyl letterforms on the smaller wall will address the needs of dyslexic and reading disabled children.

The children’s area of the library will provide an educational space encouraging children to read braille books, listen to books on tape, and feel comfortable in the library space. Through tactile furniture (Inna Alesina’s egg create ottomans), braille and 3D objects, children and parents will learn the importance of braille, which will ultimately lead to increased literacy for blind children.


One response to “Physical Delivery for my Thesis

  1. I like the idea of creating scale models of objects from the children’s room to display in your gallery installation. I look forward to seeing/hearing/touching more concrete detail about your environment in its various incarnations. At this point, your descriptions are fairly abstract.

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